Tell you about our KLM Blue Delft Houses / Miniatures

From 1952 these houses are given present to passengers on board of every and all KLM Intercontinental flights in the businessclass. Each passenger baby or grown up, paying or non paying one house. These original Delft Blue miniature houses are real copies of the gable houses alongside the canals in Amsterdam and from time to time for a change also from other historical towns in Holland.

The KLM Miniatures content is a large zip of the famous and only Young Dutch Bols Jenever, distilled by the Bols distilleries.

In our showroom in the middle of Amstelveen, Holland, 10 miles from the Schiphol Airport you find the biggest collection KLM-Houses you have ever seen. Two complete collections frontside and backside are demonstrated as well as Waag houses and Palaces.

All the KLM houses from number 1 up to number 104 and specials in big quantity. Old houses from 60 years ago as well as the houses given for first KLM flights. Palaces for choose. Our minimum stock is 15 pieces.

Visiting us is easy buying. If you are not so lucky to visit Amsterdam we send the houses after order and payment within a few days through recommended TNT post all over the world. We sell top quality KLM miniature houses, all these KLM blue delft miniature houses are in upper condition, even after their one and only flight.

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