KLM Miniature 99
  • KLM Miniature 99
  • KLM Miniature 99

KLM Miniature 99

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Special Present for 99th birthday of KLM De Witte Os Midstraat 97 8501 AH Joure De Witte Os, Joure, De Witte Os is well known in Joure. It was from this thiny shop that Douwe Egberts grew into a worldwide business. The descendants of Douwe Egberts also owned the adjacent building ,number 99 In 1881,De witte Os was largely destroyed by a huge fire in the centre of Joure. The shop suffered extensive damage, only the façade was left standing. It was reconstructed in the traditional style, with display windows and an elegant porch. The guttering is decorated with a wooden panel showing a white ox, the logo of the shop. Until 1925 this logo was also used by Douwe Egberts on its tea and coffee packaging. It was then replaced by the familiar Douwe Egberts stamp. Since 1985 De Witte Os has been part of Museum Joure and is laid out as a traditional grocer’s shop from around 1900.

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