KLM Miniature 98
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  • KLM Miniature 98

KLM Miniature 98

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Parental home of Anthony Fokker The home of the Fokker family was 'Kleine Houtweg 41' (now number 65), Haarlem. The semi-detached town house is believed to date back to 1791. The window on the ground floor (to the left of the front door) and the window above were part of the original house where Anthony Fokker grew up. The frond loft on the second floor was "Tony's" territory. He was an unruly pupil, but a keen hobbies. He created trains, a canoe, a steering system for an aircraft and so forth. He used paperclip on the front of the aircraft to adjust the centre of gravity so it could maintain its balance and fly a long distance. Fokker went on to become the world's greatest aircraft builder in the late 1920's with factories in the Netherlands and the USA. At the end of October 2017, KLM is saying farewell to its last Fokker 70 aircraft. This means the last Dutch aircraft is leaving the fleet, signaling the end of the 97-year-old relationship between KLM and Fokker.