KLM Miniature 103
  • KLM Miniature 103

KLM Miniature 103

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KLM Miniature #103 - ECURY HOUSE
Schelpstraat 42, Aruba



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KLM Miniature #103
Schelpstraat 42, Aruba


This beautiful monumental building in the center of Oranjestad was built in 1929 by architect Merdardo 'Dada' Picus. The building is a centerpiece in the Ecury complex and features a façade containing classical elements, Caribbean gingerbread details and local decorative elements.

For many years the property was home to the Ecury family, which led to its nickname 'Cas Ecury'. The Ecury family had many striking characters, one of whom was the matriarch of the family, 'Mamachi'. It was she who provided a solid foundation upon which her entrepreneurial son Dundun built his successful business empire. Dundun was also part of the welcome committee for the first KLM Snip that landed at Savaneta in 1934. One of Mamachi's grandsons, Boy Ecury, was a second World war II hero who died during the war. Granddaughter Nydia expressed the soul of her family in her poems and plays, whilst other grandchildren also left their mark in social and business life.

The opening of the present National Archeological Museum Aruba in 2009 by Princess Margriet marked the completion of the glorious restauration and expansion of the Ecury complex. In 2010, seven historical buildings belonging to this complex were declared protected monuments of Aruba because of their architectural value, their cultural historic significance and their importance in relation to the urban development of Oranjestad.

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